Vector Aerospace Enhances the Huey’s Hot, High And Heavy Performance With Its UH-1H³Upgrade

April 26, 2017  

Langley, BC – Vector Aerospace, a global independent provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, continues to support the needs of Bell Huey helicopter operators worldwide with its UH-1H3 (“Hot, High, Heavy”) upgrade & modernization program.

Developed as a cost-effective means of enhancing the performance of the enduring UH-1H platform, 1,500 of which remain in service worldwide, the UH-1H3 ‘Hot, High, Heavy’ upgrade offers operators a portfolio of technical solutions with which to customize the Huey to their specific requirements.  These include:

  • High performance tail boom, with upgraded upper longerons, improved skins, BLR FastFin® and dual strake system
  • Upgraded main rotor transmission, hub, swashplate assembly, stabilizer and blades
  • Upgraded main and tail rotor drive shaft and couplings
  • Upgraded tail rotor, tail rotor gearbox and push-pull tube control system
  • Airframe upgrade, including lift beam, main beam and cross tube tunnel
  • Honeywell T53-L-703 engine. Vector also offers a range of electrical and avionics upgrades to complement the UH-1H3 ‘Hot, High, Heavy’ upgrade, including complete airframe rewire, instrument panel modifications and three- or four-screen glass cockpit avionics suites.Customers for the UH-1H3 upgrade include the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD), which operates the UH-1H in support of a wide range of missions across the San Bernardino Valley and San Bernardino Mountains, including search & rescue, fire suppression and homeland security.  Vector is proud to serve the SBCSD, and will be delivering an upgraded UH-1H3 – complete with Garmin GTN 650H GPS/NAV/COMMS and GTX transponder, integrated to display TCAS, HTAWS and ADS-B – back to them this week to support the Department’s missions.

About San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department 

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD) is a Southern California law enforcement agency. The aviation division of SBCSD provides general law enforcement support, narcotics surveillance, personnel/cargo transport, airborne photography, search and rescue/recovery, multi-agency pursuit coordination, wildland fire suppression and emergency medical services transport.