FAA Extends Authorization for Long Island North Shore Helicopter Route

August 24, 2016 – Adds Four Years of Use to the Controversial Corridor

(Aero-News Network) The FAA has extended the life of the controversial north shore helicopter corridor by four years, according to a final rule posted in the Federal Register.

The final rule extends for an additional four years (i.e., to August 6, 2020) the requirement for pilots of civil helicopters to use the North Shore Helicopter Route when transiting along the north shore of Long Island. The FAA expects that four years will be sufficient time to consider results of the described research efforts in determining appropriate future actions on the rule.

The FAA says that extending the requirement to use the North Shore Helicopter Route during this period will continue to foster maximum use of the North Shore Helicopter Route and avoid disruption of the current operating environment. Therefore, the FAA finds that a four year extension of the current rule is warranted.

The FAA found that there is no justification for an Environmental Impact Statement or other environmental analysis based on noise complaints.

Newsday reports that some local lawmakers are urging residents upset with the extension to protest the decision. Several local elected and other officials held a town hall meeting with residents last week to discuss the situation.